Cutscene Sample

Dialog and scene directions for a cancelled game project:



The hulk is an old battleship converted to be a prison ship.  We see an empty corridor of rusting metal and FOUR PAIRS OF BOOTS WALKING.


A pool of light.  A solitary figure in a solitary wooden chair.  Hulking shadows in the background suggest a larger space, filled with equipment.

ZACH ARCHER sits tied to the chair.  We can tell he’s a pilot by his uniform.  He’s tall and lean, with rugged good looks.  If he were conscious he’d be a cocky, wise-cracking son-of-a-bitch.

But right now Archer’s in a bad way.  He’s out cold.  His face is bloody and bruised – clearly he’s been roughed up. His head lolls on his chest.

Two shadows fall across him.


Good afternoon, Lieutenant Archer …

Archer lifts his head groggily, seeking the origin of the voice.


… or is it morning?  You’re not really sure, are you?

GENERAL KREEL steps forward, a flicker of satisfaction on his thin lips.  He’s a ramrod of a man, tall and cold, wearing a starched gray uniform.

Standing behind Kreel is his second-in-command, ONYA.  Her uniform is a black flight suit that looks as though it was designed by someone with a leather fetish. She’s smirking too.  Two uniformed technicians are in the background.


I’ve found that in a place like this, time can lose its meaning.  Days can pass in the blink of an eye.  Or an instant can feel like an eternity.

Archer shakes off his grogginess.


… Kreel?  I’m not … telling … you anything … .


Of course not.  There’s nothing you can tell me that I don’t already know.  This isn’t an interrogation, lieutenant … .

Kreel motions to one of the technicians.  The technician throws a switch and a strange piece of equipment descends from the darkness above. It’s mounted on long multi-jointed arm, like a dentist’s drill, and terminates in an ugly-looking needle.  The second tech steps forward and takes hold of the needle.  Archer’s eyes widen.


… this is torture … .

Kreel crosses in front of Archer, blocking him from view.  The camera drifts up toward the ceiling of the cell, up through a tangle of pipes and wires, up into the darkness …

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