Game Design

If your team is overextended, I can design specific parts of your game for you. Do you need an inventory system, a collection of puzzles, a level layout, a boss battle? I’ll be happy to collaborate with you, and work within your design and budget.  My expertise includes:

Virtual Reality – I’ve consulted on two PlayStation VR launch titles and I have extensive experience with motion controllers.  I can help you with best practices to increase immersion and reduce simulator sickness.

Level Design – I’m an expert on level flow and playability.  Whether they’re linear or freeform, single-player or multiplayer, I can make your levels more fun to play and easier to navigate.

Encounter Design – I can guide your team through the creation of robust AI characters and interesting set-ups.  I can design addictive bosses with compelling mechanics that build off your core game

System Design – I enjoy diving deep into spreadsheets and mathematical modelling to create simple, stable systems that are easy to balance and fun for the player.

Monetization – I’ve worked on free-to-play titles and I can help you design a monetization system that will increase player acquisition and retention while maximizing profits.

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