Board Games


Harbinger is a personal project I’ve been working on for the last two years.  It’s a fantasy board game based on territory control.  Each player plays a character (The Knight, The Necromancer, The Spy, The Witch, etc.) who is trying to rule the world.  Your goal is to build your influence by slaying monsters, throwing feasts, or bribing the local officials.


The twist is that each territory is winner-take-all.  Whoever has the most influence in a territory at the end of the game gains control of it, but your influence gains are kept secret, so you’re never quite sure who’s ahead.  You know roughly where the other players are spending their resources, but not exactly how much you need to allocate to counter them.


Players build their strength by recruiting armies, building forts, gathering allies, and collecting powerful artifacts.  The Harbinger herself is a prophet who walks the land, issuing prophecies about the coming ruler.  If your actions line up with her prophecies, your influence soars.

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